CTRLServers Network - 1000+ Gbps directly internet connected backbone

100tb server

Our Network Connections

dedicated hosting

Our datacenters are located in Netherlands, Germany, USA, UK and Romania. We have direct uplinks via

AMS-IX (Amsterdam, Netherlands),    DE-CIX (Frankfurt, Germany),    LINX (London, England) , BNIX (Brussels, Belgium),    Netnod (Stockholm, Sweden),    NL-IX (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) ,Espanix (Madrid, Spain),    SwissIX (Zurich, Switzerland),    ECIX (Dusseldorf, Germany),    ,FranceIX (Paris, France),    PLIX (Warsaw, Poland),    BIX (Budapest, Hungary),    MIX (Milan, Italy) ,VIX (Vienna, Austriav),    NIX (Prague, Czech Republic),    LU-CIX (Luxembourg, Luxembourg) ,FreeBIX (Brussels, Belgium),    InterLAN (Bucharest, Romania),    DIX (Copenhagen, Denmark) ,NIX1 (Oslo, Norway),    SIX (Bratislava, Slovakia),    Equinix (Ashburn Ashburn, USA),    NYIIX (New York, USA)
and much more uplink-providers, providing more than 1Tbps in total.

We are always upgrading our uplinks, to offer the best connectivity for our customers. We also have a lot of free capacity available, to always offer a maximum of speed..

dedicated server

1000+ Gbps directly internet connected backbone

Our server network have more than 3 Tbps of capacity to offer you fast loading time. We optimize our network in special way it means Network usage never goes over 70%, even during peak hours. We use Multiple 10 Gbps uplinks per switch with Fully redundant with automatic fail-over setup. It's gives us 99.95% network uptime SLA.

Our datacenter Peering with only premium upstream providers such as Level 3 Communications, nLayer Communications , Equinix Asia Pacific, France Telecom, Internode, PLIX Datacenter, NFSi Telecom and others.

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